A simple plugin with various effects you can apply to text, letter by letter. Current version 0.1.6.

This project is created and maintained by Chris Ozols

jQuery Text Effect Plugin


jQuery('text node to act on').textEffect('string containing effect' || {options object});


Marshall Law

Paul Phoenix

Nina Williams

Kazuya Mishima

Armor King


    effect: above effects, or "random". Default is random.
    effectSpeed: the speed at which new letters begin to animate. Default 150.
    completionSpeed: the speed of the animation. Default 6000.
    reverse: reverses direction of the effect, doesn't work for jumble just yet. Boolean.
    jumbleColor: color of the jumbled letters in hex. Default is mid gray(#7f7f7f).


This plugin effectively works by turning a string into an array, wrapping it in span tags, and throwing it back into the DOM. As expected, event handlers don't work until the animation is complete. Works well in modern browsers and for the most part not bad in IE8 and below. As this is a not-at-all mature plugin there's several things you should know/will be worked on. Some issues are: